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Free Pre-Departure Guidance

We usually conduct a well organised Pre-Departure Program (PDP) for all students going abroad for studies, as a part of PDP. The seminars give the students an insight of their life in the foreign country. Counselling is also provided to help students migrate, travel and settle abroad.Students and their parents can take this opportunity to meet other students who are going abroad. Every student, prior to their travel, is provided an extremely updated and comprehensive Pre-Departure Kit.

What kind of information will I receive?

Essential information needed to start settling when you arrive is given in the pre-departure briefing.This includes a brief class about:

  •  Acceptance of the offer from your chosen university, college, school or language centre
  •  Visa application
  •  Arrangement of accommodation
  •  Travel: Suggestion of the means of transport most suitable for you.
  •  Luggage: Things to be carried
  • Orientation programs provided in the country
  •  Health and wellbeing – registration with a doctor and the National Health Service (NHS)
  •  Insurance
  •  Banking: Opening a bank account and managing your finance and budget .