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Study MBBS in Armenia- MBBS course in Armenia

The current trend in medical education in India is to do your MBBS abroad. What better place to do your MBBS than in Armenia. We provide MBBS admission in Armenia for Indian students. It is your opportunity of a lifetime to study MBBS in Armenia in prime MCI approved Medical Universities at very reasonable prices. Armenia is growing immensely and rapidly in all sectors and the employment opportunities need no introduction. Armenia provides quality healthcare to its population. All the hospitals in Armenia are modern and is equipped with state of the art medical instruments. These hospitals are capable of housing a very large number of patients as well as providing quality hands on education to the students. Armenia is the perfect destination to study MBBS abroad because the MBBS fees in Armenia is very affordable compared to any other country. They provide the same quality education as any university in UK, USA or India at a reduced price. All the MBBS universities in Armenia teach in English. The MBBS colleges in Armenia provide training in USMLE and PLAB that will enable students to practise in UK or USA. MBBS course in Armenia is an abode for any student looking to take up medicine as a profession.

If you are looking to do your MBBS study in Armenia, here is everything you need to know.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy along with your studies, the best place would be Armenia. The country is rich in heritage and has many places for sightseeing. You will never be bored living in Armenia. Armenia provides the best facilities in sectors such as healthcare, education, recreation and so on at very affordable prices.

Here are all the reasons why you should study MBBS in Armenia.

Cost Effective

When we talk about a country that provides the best possible facilities in all sectors, you might feel that such a country would be too expensive to live in. That’s where you are wrong. The cost of living is very low and budget friendly.

Globally Recognized Medical Degree

The Armenian medical degree is globally recognized and is listed by many International bodies such as World Health Organization, European Union, The International Medical Education Directory, Medical and Dental council of India and General Medical Council, UK. Also, the MBBS colleges in Armenia provide training for USMLE and other medical licensing examinations. The Armenian medical colleges are recognized by the MCI. The students who graduate from Armenia will be allowed to sit for the MCI screening test.

No Entrance Exams

Many countries like India have very demanding and difficult entrance examinations that you need to crack before you can actually attend medical school. Such entrance tests have many times destroyed many MBBS dreams. In Armenia, no such pressurizing exam exists and you are free to join any university of your choice. This is one of the main reasons that you should do your MBBS in Armenia.

Attractive Fee Structure

Studying MBBS in many countries is very expensive. The cost of MBBS in Armenia however is very low. The MBBS in Armenia fee is very affordable leaving students free not to worry about financial matters.

High Quality Education

The MBBS colleges in Armenia combine theoretical and practical learning in such a way that students are taught in the most effective way possible. All the professors who teach medicine in Armenia are highly trained to deal with international students. The use of innovative teaching aids and modern instruments make the quality of education in Latvia very high. The instruction medium is in English allowing international students to concentrate on learning medicine rather than learning a new language.

Quality Hospitals for Internships

From the second year onwards, students studying medicine in Armenia are eligible to attend internships. The hospitals affiliated to the medical colleges in Armenia provide top quality healthcare and use the latest medical technologies and instruments. These hospitals are also capable of housing a large number of students and patients.

Good Accommodation

Separate hostels are provided for international students with hot and cold water. Central heating is also provided in all hostels. All types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are also provided. All this at a very low cost.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Armenia

  • Students graduate from medical colleges in Armenia with a globally accepted medical degree that is suitable for USMLE and other medicine licensing examinations.
  • The medium of instruction is English.
  • No donation fees is required for admission. The MBBS in Armenia fee structure is very affordable. High quality education is provided at very affordable prices.
  • The living expense in Armenia is very less.
  • Unique coaching in provided to students training them for the MCI screening.
  • Many medical colleges in Armenia provide MBBS scholarships.
  • The hospitals affiliated to the medical schools in Armenia are of the highest standards.
  • Separate hospitals are provided for international students with option for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.