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We give answer to the following Queries of students who wish to pursue medical admission abroad.Study MBBS Abroad in the best medical universities. MBBS  admission in China, MBBS in Russia, Medical admission in Ukraine, MBBS in Philippines, MBBS in USA,MBBS in European countries. MBBS in Georgia,MBBS in UK. We help students to get admission in top Medical Universities outside India.

MBBS Admission Abroad – Medicine Admission 2017

Well, MBBS happens to be one of the most difficult courses and it also includes the hard labour of the students. We know that it is the dream of many students in India to pursue the same. And among these many, most will be looking forward to the pursue MBBS abroad. That is the best thing a student can ask for, and we at Study MBBS Hub help you choose the best medical colleges abroad to pursue MBBS. We know the importance of the choice of colleges in the life of a student and thus we do not ever compromise with the same. The Study MBBS Hub team has the best set of people, who can guide you choose the best college across the world while pursuing your MBBS degree. We will help you get yourself enrolled in the best MBBS Colleges in the world. Well, you might be wondering how exactly we can help you, because being the era of internet, the students seem to gather pretty much knowledge from the internet itself. However, we must inform you, that what you get on the internet is just some of the outlines of the colleges. We will, however, come up with a comparison between some of the best colleges, show you all that you are thriving for and give you enough options so that you can choose the best for yourself. Also, with the help of the experienced people who are associated with the Study MBBS Hub team, you can also get the answers to all your doubts pertaining to any college all round the globe.

Why Students are interested in  MBBS Abroad

Our country boasts of a number of top medical institutions which provide quality education to students aspiring to become doctors. So when we talk about MBBS study abroad, the big question in why should a student leave his home country and study overseas?

Firstly, MBBS in abroad is a great option because the cost structure of medical programs in MCI approved universities is quite an affordable one. Plus, there is no doubt about the excellent quality of medicine education when it comes to the top colleges providing MBBS degrees in various other countries. Along with this, globally recognized medicine universities provide world class infrastructure for students. As a matter of fact, around an average of 10,000 Indian students are opting for MBBS colleges abroad every year.

As per the statistics, among 10 lakh students who appear in various entrance examinations In India, only 5% of them get admitted to the top institutes. Plus, private colleges in the country have huge donation costs, apart from the yearly fees. Unlike India, most countries do not require the candidates to pass an entrance examination, since an MBBS admission abroad is purely on the basis of the results of the higher secondary examination. Also, they do not require a capitation fee and have pretty low tuition costs, when compared to Indian medical colleges.

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of living in such countries is not high as compared to our nation. Depending on the lifestyle, a student can survive with an affordable living cost while studying MBBS abroad. Lastly, students also get the opportunity to learn from people belonging to different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. This in itself provides the much-required international exposure that is required to succeed in today’s cut-throat competition.

MBBS in China Admission 2017

A student aspiring to study MBBS abroad should consider China as one of his topmost choices. An MBBS degree in China has a number of unmatchable advantages which include an affordable cost of living, nominal fees structure and globally accepted MBBS degree which is recognized by the MCI, WHO, and MOE. The country also boasts of well-equipped hospitals that provide a practical approach to students studying MBBS in China. Medical institutes in China also provide excellent hostel facilities for international students. Around 48 medical colleges in China are listed by the Medical Council of India and a few of them also provide scholarships for early birds.

To be eligible for an MBBS degree in China, a student and a reserved student need to acquire 50% and 40% marks in all Science subjects in their higher secondary examinations, respectively.  No additional entrance examination is required to secure MBBS admission in China. Plus, if a student has completed his schooling in an English medium institution, he does not require to sit for an IELTS or TOEFL examination. Including the one year internship, students pursuing MBBS degree in China need to complete a 6 year course.

The employment opportunities for a student after the completion of an MBBS program in China are pretty vast. If a student wants to return to his home country, he needs to clear the Screening Test organised by the Medical Council of India. After getting registered with the council, he is eligible to practise in any Government or private organisation in the country. On the contrary, if a candidate wants to settle in China after acquiring his medicine degree, many hospitals have great job opportunities for international MBBS students, since China has a large population and a fast-growing medicine industry.

MBBS in Russia Admission 2017

MBBS programs in Russia are gaining importance among aspiring doctors these days. With well-equipped teaching methods and stream lined academic specialities, Russia is a prime option for candidates who want to study MBBS abroad. Since the Russian Government has subsidized education, a student can now pay just an approximate of Rs 5 lakh as the annual course and accommodation fees, without any donation or capitation fee. Plus, the cost of living in Russia is also a very nominal one.

MBBS education in Russia also boasts of a very student intake each year. International students, who are made to stay in well-furnished hostels, also get a chance to learn from reputed surgeons from Russian hospitals. Though the MBBS course in Russia is taught in English, students are also trained in the local language for better conversation skills with local patients.

The procedure of MBBS admission in Russia is a very simple one. As per the eligibility criteria, an aspiring student should be more than 16 years of age and should have acquired at least 50% marks in all Science subjects in his higher secondary examination. The best part of studying MBBS from Russia is that most of the top medical institutions in Russia are MCI approved and provide internationally recognized medical programs. Plus, students are trained in the MCI Screening Test so that they can get easy registration to practise in India after the completion of their degree. For this purpose, the professors are also aware of the syllabus and pattern of the MCI qualifying examination. Even if a student wants to settle in Russia after completing his MBBS course, the country has a big doctor to patient ratio and can very well do it.

MBBS in Philippines Admission 2017

Among all the countries that provide MBBS education abroad, Philippines is now a well-known name. The statistics of past years prove that more and more students are choosing MBBS colleges in Philippines rather than the ones in India. The tropical country boasts of an affordable cost of education along with MCI approved medical programs by some of the best medical colleges in Philippines.

As far as adaptability is concerned, an Indian student has no causes of worry since the climate pattern of Philippines is very similar to that of our nation. Also, easy connectivity, close proximity, and excellent boarding facilities for international students makes MBBS in Philippines an obvious choice for medical students. Also, a lower cost of living and reasonable enrolment rates make it all the more feasible.

As far as the eligibility is concerned, an Indian student wanting to study MBBS in Philippines needs to be 17 years of age and should have passed his higher secondary examination in English with at least 50% in all the Science subjects. Also, the MBBS courses in Philippines are flexible and provide a choice between a 4 year course and a 5 year one. Most medical universities in Philippines also provide detailed guidance on clearing the MCI Screening Test which is a mandate if an MBBS degree-holder wants to practise in India.

Concerning the career opportunities of an individual after attaining a medical degree from Philippines are also pretty vast. Since the colleges follow the US system of education, English speaking countries like UK, USA, Australia, and Canada become ideal employment places. Apart from this, he can always practise in his home country after getting registered by the MCI.

MBBS in USA Admission 2017

USA or the Unites States of America is one of the best places for the students to pursue their studies further in medical science. However, that does surely not mean that any college that you choose in random would help you serve the need. We are here to help you choose the best MBBS colleges in USA. But we need to start off with the primary agenda that all the students need to focus on. This is, how to get admission to the best MBBS colleges in USA. The standard route to enrol oneself for any college in the US would be maintaining a decent percentage of marks in the 10+2 examinations. The second thing that the students who want to study MBBS in USA must follow is, that they must Complete the Pre-Medical Program and then appear for the MCAT. MCAT is the entrance examination for the colleges in the US. MCAT stands for Medical College Admission Test. If one is able to get good marks in the MCAT examinations, between 500-528, students can then apply for the medical colleges in USA through the AAMC portal. Well, the students need to prepare well for the MCAT, cause the competition is quite high for these examinations and getting good marks will ensure that the student gets admission in any of the government medical colleges in the US and will, in turn, cost the candidate less as compared to the private ones. All that you want to know about the MCAT and the medical colleges in US will be provided to you by the Study MBBS Hub Team!

Well, you might be looking out to pursue your medical studies outside India and you might not be willing to afford such a huge amount of money for the same and yet study in a good college. Well, you are at the right place. We will help you get the best medical colleges in the world and also assist you to get the best possible way to get into these well known and reputed institutions. We welcome you to carry on with your medical course in a wide range of countries, which include the likes of Malaysia, Poland, United Kingdom, Philippines, Armenia, Hungary and many more! We have the best colleges for you and also have the perfect knowledge how you can get yourself enrolled in some of the reputed colleges in all the countries stated above. Every country has its own set of rules and regulations. Every nation has its own perks and we know it all. We will help you enrol into the good medical colleges with the cheapest expense possible and help secure your career. We have the set of most experienced team members, who will help you to get the most out of yourself.  So, if you too are having a dream to study abroad and earn your living, you are more than welcome to join us and let us help you in finding and getting what is best for you.

MBBS in Ukraine:

Ukraine happens to be one of the hot favourites for the MBBS aspirants of the nation. They leave the country to get the best resources from the great MBBS colleges in Ukraine and turn out to be some of the most successful doctors that the world has seen.

MBBS in Georgia:

Georgia welcomes the students from across the world to witness and relish the MBBS courses in Georgia, so that students can enrich themselves with the knowledge that they have always dreamt of gathering. The infrastructure and the facilities of the MBBS universities in Georgia will meet your expectations in the best possible way.

MBBS in Latvia:

Check out the infrastructure of the colleges and you will instantly make up your mind to study MBBS in Latvia. The colleges in this part of the world has some of the best buildings and also the world class facilities for each and every budding doctor from across the nations.

MBBS in Lithuania:

The scope of research that a student from an MBBS college in Lithuania has is probably one of the rarest that one can find in the rest of the world. The country gives the best opportunity for the research work in the field of medicine. Thus, they are loved by all.

MBBS in Poland:

Is it your dream to study abroad? Well, then Poland is perfectly the option for you. Don’t think twice, it gives you the perfect environment to become a doctor and pursue the career that you have long dreamt for. The college’s are approved by MCI so you will never have a problem in practising after you have returned back to the nation.


Leaning has no boundary and this is once again defined by the MBBS colleges in UK. The student facult ratio and relationship are one of those reasons that the colleges of this nation has been able to raise above many other countries and make a mark in the universal standards.

MBBS Germany:

The selection processes of the students are quite simple of the MBBS colleges in Germany. That is a huge reason for students to shift their attention to the nation, as here it is really tough to get admission in a reputed MBBS College. Thus it is a good idea shifting out to achieve a dream.

MBBS in Malaysia:

Studying abroad might be a dream, but it is not always necessary that one will have to spend loads, to study outside. Thus, Malaysia is one such option, which is cheap. But that does not surely by any means mean that the colleges here are less efficient by any possible means.

MBBS in Bulgaria:

If you want to enjoy the subject and love what you are doing, then it would be best if you would apply for the MBBS colleges in Bulgaria. The colleges have the perfect atmosphere for the students to understand and also learn as much as they want in their own pace.

MBBS in Hungary:

Job would never be a problem if one passes from Hungary. The syllabus of the country is so upto the mark and practical, that the students can instantly relate to the subject and get an essence of the same. The students turn out to be successful doctors at the end of the day.

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan:

Kyrgyzstan MBBS colleges have something for all. If you are an average student, the teachers take extra effort to make you at par with others. If you are in the better side, the teachers of the country make sure that you never lose your pace and keep up with the good flow.

MBBS in Armenia:

Armenia treats the foreign students like their own. The medical colleges in Armenia are bent on to help the students of India in what so ever possible ways and they have very well succeeded in the same. The country sees to it that the students feel at home and are comfortable, without harming the studies in any possible way.

Common Questions Asked by Students Looking For MBBS Admission Abroad

Admission Related

This will depend completely on the country chosen by the student. Every country has a different set of rules on these said matters. If the student chooses a program that’s based in UK, the duration would be 6 years whereas a US based one would require a total of 8 years.

Generally, there is no age limit for the students in most countries. However, a few countries do not accept students above the age of 40, but then, it must be remembered that this is not the case in most of the countries.

For a student aspiring to study MBBS abroad, the mark sheets of his secondary and higher secondary examinations, along with his birth certificate and passport are required during the admission procedure. A few other information might also be needed, depending on the country and the requirement of the same.

China and Russia are the only two countries who do not allow a work permit after completing an MBBS program. And thus they are at times the hot favourite of the students of the nation.

Considering the requirement of English proficiency in MBBS study abroad, only European countries are particular about it. And one will have to try hard to get accustomed to the same, to clear the examinations with flying colours.

Most of the countries who provide MBBS study abroad do not include interviews as a part of the admission process. But a few countries round the globe do and we can very well help you with the same.

Some countries do not find an entrance examination necessary to secure an MBBS admission abroad. But in USA, clearing an entrance exam is mandatory.

For proper information about the admission process of an MBBS program abroad, contact us. We are always here to guide you and make sure that you are happy with what we deliver and that should sync with exactly what you want.

A student needs to clear his higher secondary examination with a minimum 50% if he aspires to get admitted into an MBBS program abroad.  The process would otherwise be harmed because of the marks.

Fee/Cost Related

After attaining the MCI registration, an individual can practice in any medical institution in any part of India. And that is just the reason why it is very important, even after having completed MBBS from abroad.

Though the medium of instruction during any MBBS program abroad is English, a student needs to learn the local language of the country for better understanding. And at times they are also included in the course of the syllabus, depending on the country and the institute.

All countries allow an MD, MS, or Post Graduation after completion of the MBBS study. However, this can be pursued only after the internship has been completed.

If a student wants, he can return to his home country once he attains his MBBS degree abroad. There is no bounding of any sort on the students, once the course is over.

The total course fee of a MBBS program abroad is not a unanimous one. It differs from college to college and country to country. However, the details of the cost structure of the program are furnished on the website of the college for better access.

The MCI screening test is an examination which all students have to go through after completing MBBS abroad. As per reports, 2017 onwards, Indian students will also have to appear for this qualifying examination, just like foreign candidates.

Only the candidates aspiring to study MBBS in Europe will have to comply and show bank deposit.

The monthly expense of a student depends on the country in which he chooses to study medicine in. Usually it varies from Rs 10000 to Rs 25000 per month. Parents of the candidate can easily transfer the necessary amount through a nearby money exchange system.

During the course of the MBBS program abroad, the student will have to pay visa renewal fee as a recurring expenditure each year.

Examination fees and the price of study material is not included in the cost structure of the MBBS program abroad. It needs to be paid separately.


Testimonial 1

Studying abroad is like a dream. This is one of those dreams that I have had ever in my life. Right from the beginning I wanted to study medical and I wanted to study abroad. Although I wanted to study, I had no idea how exactly to go ahead to study MBBS in a foreign university or college. And that is just when I got to know about the Study MBBS Hub team! And they have helped me ever after that, helping me choose the best medical college in the world and also guided me to get admission in the same.

Testimonial 2

Being from a middle class family, the dream of pursuing medical science in itself was a very big deal, forget about pursuing MBBS abroad. However, I once came across a senior of mine, who was studying MBBS in Philippines. Out of sheer interest that I have in the subject, I had a talk with him about the same. I got to know about Study MBBS Hub and met them the very next day! The experience with them was refreshing. They helped me with everything possible and now am preparing hardest to get enrolled in the MBBS colleges abroad, very well aware of the fact that if properly done, they might cost me even less than that in India.

Testimonial 3

I was in Class X when I decided to go abroad to pursue my career in medical. I had no idea about how exactly to go ahead. Since I was keen to getting admission in an MBBS colleges in USA, my father took me to Study MBBS Hub. I was surprised by the kind of information and knowledge that the people of the institution had about the medical colleges in USA. They have guided me for years now and I will soon be writing my MCAT examination, to be able to make it big in the foreign nation. Heartiest thanks and gratitude to the institute!

Testimonial 4

Right now, am in one of the most renowned medical colleges in China and this is just because of the Study MBBS Abroad team. I would have never known that it’s so easy getting into a college in China and that too the best MBBS college in China, if I had not come across the institution. They had just the perfect match to every need that I had and got me the college that suited me the best. It’s a bliss studying here and whenever I think of the great career that lies in front of me, the first thing that I do is thanking the Study MBBS Hub Team, for helping me be where I am right now.